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Akshrabhyas Akshrabhyas Akshrabhyas

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”

 Aksharabhyas, the sacred start for LKG students was celebrated on 11th June 2018 in our school. Nearly 240 children along with their parents attended the programme. Swami Ishapremanandhaji, Sri Ramakrishna Math, lighted the Kuthuvillakku and gave a holy start for the programme. Shri Balakrishnanji, SMDC member also graced the occasion. On behalf of the students, our LKG teachers performed pooja to Goddess Saraswathy. Smt.S.Usharani, Principal, GKSVV welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests. In her speech, she told about the importance of ‘Matha-Pitha-Guru and God and gave a few tips to the parents. Parents were instructed to hold their child’s fingers and write ‘Ohm’, ‘m’ on the paddy grains and they prostrated before their parents and received their blessings. She also advised the parents to have a good rapport with the teachers.

Swamiji in his Benediction, advised the parents to encourage and motivate their wards. He also quoted that the parents should be a role model as the children imitate them.He also wished that the dreams of all the parents come true.

The programme came to an end with Shanthi Manthram.



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